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Why Advertise on Asia Dive travel ?

Asia Dive Travel was set up to give divers easy access to diving information on Dive Liveaboards, Dive Centres and Dive Sites alike all over Asia, with information collated from contributions by the diving community. Our information includes overviews from over Fourteen (14) countries Asia wide and still growing, spans over 3,000 separate dive sites and includes dive site maps for each location, photos and even diving videos and wreck illustrations. We are indexed by the top search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc... for all the major Scuba Diving Vacation and dive sites in Asia.


Benefits of advertising with Asia Dive Travel.

  • Wider range of customer from within Asia
  • Customer comes direct to your site from Asia Dive Travel
  • Visitors can send you a Direct Email Enquire
  • Visitors can click directly onto your Company Website
  • Visitors Read your Company Profile
  • Asia Dive Travel attends 5 Asia Dive Expos per year to get your message out
  • 2 One way links from Scuba Diving Websites
  • Helps Your website ranking  increase on  Google, Yahoo, Alexa, Bing

Banner Sizing and Placement options.

Asia Dive Travel has opted for a flat pricing system by time, the period is One (1) year, as we feel this reflects the regularity with which the directory is regularly updated by our Dive Facilities and is easily understood by our Scuba Diving Clients.

Banner advertisings’ on Asia Dive Travel fall into Three (3) distinct categories:


1 - Platinum 334 x 232 px Top Centre Banner  on your regional page
1 - Gold 334 x 232 px Top Right or Left Banner on your regional page us$125.00
6 - Silver 175 x 60 px Right Side Banners on your regional page us$75.00

 The First and Second - Platinum and Gold are the larger banners on top of the page

  • 1 Platinum - Top of page, centre banner
  • 1 Gold Banner on the Top Right side of Centre

 Asia Dive Expo Package can be added to these Two (2) banners us$125.00 per year

The Third is Silver banners these are on the right side of the page - horizontal banners

  • Silver Banner has 6 position

All Banner Location are:

  • Equivalently priced so choose the format, price and location you prefer
  • Promotes the 3 standard sizes for web advertising
  • Promoted on Asia Dive Travel on the same location / country and region
  • Platinum Banners are promoted on  Asia Diving Packages with 4 Diving Packages of your choice on the same location / country and region

All banners can be static or animated - No Flash banners as these will not load on a variety of Ipads / Tabs or smartphones




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