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La Laguna Dive Center

Big La Laguna Beach, Oriental Mindoro, 5203, Puerto Galera, Philippines
It is our pleasure to introduce to you, "La Laguna Beach Club and Dive Centre Philippines ". Nestled in the centre of beautiful Big LaLaguna where the sand is white and water crystal clear, and alive with tropical fish and coral, the Laguna Beach Club was constructed in 1992 and consists of a 41-room hotel. All rooms offer bathrooms with modern comforts including hot water. There are 7 family rooms available, consisting of 1 double bed and set of bunk beds. (Extra beds and mattresses are available for children). The Hotel and Dive Centre are built around a landscaped swimming pool with diver training facilities. The resort has its own generator, so as to offer 24hour power. Other features include a first class restaurant and bar offering international and local delicacies. Games area with book exchange, Local and IDD dialing and on going travel arrangements and confirmations can be made. La Laguna Beach Club and Dive Centre is a P.A.D.I. Resort Assoc. registered member. The Dive Centre is an Instructor Development 5 Star Facility offering the most up to date training materials and equipment. We are also an IANTD Nitrox and Trimix training facility. All staff is P.A.D.I. and IANTD professionals, and with 25 dive sites within 10 minutes boat ride from the resort it makes for an excellent diving holiday. Whether a novice beginning the Open Water Dive course through to the experienced diver wanting to further their diving education, LaLaguna Dive Centre can provide it for you. P.A.D.I. Speciality Courses: Deep, Wreck, Photo, Multilevel, Drift, Equipment, Night Navigation, Rebreather course and many more. Other popular activities that can be offered by the resort are beach picnics, mountain hiking, golfing and fishing. Puerto Galera lies approx. 100 miles due South of Manila. Puerto Galera is situated on the North tip of Mindoro Island across the Verdi Island passage from Luzon (the main island where Manila is situated). La Laguna Beach Club and Dive Centre offers also direct VIP airport transfers. The cost of a private vehicle good for 5 people is US$60 approx per van to Batangas. The cost of a boat directly to the Beach Club from Batangas is the same, but depending on the number of passengers (This is regulated by the Philippines Coast Guard). Total travel time direct - approx. 3-4 hours. Due to Coast Guard regulations private boat travel can be restricted, please check with the Beach Club as to whether your arrival time in Manila is compatible. We refer to La Laguna Beach Club and Dive Centre as a boutique Resort, because of the friendly personalized service offered to all guests. The resort feels like a home away from home, amongst friends. As our catchphrase says-- Why not…
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    • Camera Hire
    • Diving seven days
    • Equipment Servicing
    • Nitrox fills
    • Own accommodation
    • Own Boat(s)
    • Own Liveaboard(s)
    • Own pool
    • Rebreather hire/training
    • Resort/Intro Dives
    • Scuba hire
    • Showers
    • Trimix fills

    Dive Site:

    THE CANYONS Depth 30m (100ft) An advanced dive that requires a good dive guide to allow for the currents to sweep you into position. Racing over several small drop-offs below the Hole in the Wall covered in soft corals and sponges, you can duck into and one of the Canyons for a respite from the current. There is much to find on the bottom but primarily it is the large schools of snapper, emperors, sweetlips, barracudas, jacks, trevally and occasional sharks that make this exciting at all times
    Hole in the wall
    HOLE IN THE WALL Depth 18m (60ft) Situated on Escarceo Point, this dive is typically performed as an 18m/60' profile. Allowing for currents you drop into 9m/30' of well-lit water, with fields of table corals as good as anywhere in the world. You descend in several stepped drop-offs, each about 3m/9' and reach The Hole at about 13m/45'. The Hole is about 1.5m/5' wide covered with multi-coloured sponges and crinoids. Without a doubt a world class dive site.
    The dry dock
    DRY DOCK Depth 24 to 30m (80 to 100ft) The Dry Dock is a large steel and plywood construction which was originally designed to lift small boats out of the water. It was sunk by La Laguna Dive Center in 1998 to create a man-made reef. The construction lies on a sandy bottom adjacent to a small coral reef. It has become the home of many different species of marine life such as sweetlips, snapper, batfish, surgeonfish, pipefish and many more. There is a giant barracuda residing here.
    Manila Channel
    Manila Channel Depth 6m/30ft to 18m/60ft You start the dive in shallow water around 5m/15ft on a beautiful reef, which is alive with hard and soft corals and hundreds of small tropical fish.Anthias,Butterfly fish,Damels,Parrot fish and many more.The reef slopes off to a sandy bottom and as you follow the contours of the reef on a flood tide the clear water from the Verde Passage helps you drift into the channel as you drop off to around 18m/60ft moving past a small wall covered with Fans and whip corals.Surgeon fish,Tuna,Snapper and sweet lips are common to this area
    The Hill
    The Hill Depth 5m/20ft to 15m/50ft The Hill is a very protected site, and can be dived all year round.It is a small area which is made up of rocky coals,Fans,sponges and many different hard and soft coarls.It starts shallow and drops off to a sandy bottom and its best to dive at slack tide .You will see seacucumbers, colorful nudibranch,Puffer fish,Lizard fish,Cuttlefish, crocodile fish,a wide variety of Anthias,Damsels,Butterfly fish and many more.Great site for macro photography.
    Monkey Beach
    Monkey Beach. 3m/10ft to18m/60ft The healthy colorful reef starts in very shallow water and slopes of to a sandy bottom .Large bommies are cover with Christmas trees,plate corals are teaming with small tropical fish.Soft carols are also abundant at this site.On the ebb tide you can drift along the coral which is covered in Feather Stars.On the way you may see moray ells under bommies ,schools of fusiliers and Hawks bill turtles are common.You can drift all the way to Sabang point