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Hotel Sipadan Inn, Semporna Seafront Township, Semporna 91307, Sabah, Malaysia, Sabah, 91307, South Sabah, Malaysia
As the pioneers in diving from Semporna we have daily trips to Sipadan as well as the islands of the Semporna Marine Park. With our fleet of 4 custom built dive boats, top of the line diving equipment, friendly & multilingual divemasters and instructors, nitrox, etc we can cater for the most demanding divers. Divemaster and instructor internships are being conducted on a regular basis.
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    • Diving seven days
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    • Own accommodation
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    Daily dive trips to Sipadan Island Diving excursions throughout the Semporna Marine Park area Special snorkeling trips to beautful islands and beaches all PADI diving courses from basic open water level to instructor level Cave & Cavern diving expeditions - dive the "Turtle Tomb" in Sipadan

    Dive Site:

    Sipadan Island
    Sipadan Island, the most famous island off Borneo, is a diver's dream destination. We offer day trips from Semporna to this truly remarkable island that sticks out of the 600m deep Celebes Sea. At Sipadan turtles can be seen on every dive but even while snorkeling there is a good chance to see some of these breathtaking creatures. The active scuba diver might see as many as 7 different kinds of sharks. At sipidan Barracuda Point, perhaps the best dive site of all, a tornado of Barracudas can often be spotted darkening out the sun while schooling jacks and giant hump head parrotfish are also re
    Mabul Island
    Mabul Island, just 20 minutes north of Sipadan Island and the last island still on the Borneo shelf before the ocean floor drops to some 800m, has been named in many diving magazines for it's popularity amongst macro photographers who look for the really rare creatures. Multicolored nudibranches, flamboyant cuttlefish, large anglerfish, seahorses, blue ribbon eel, ghost pipefish, blue ring octopus and many more are waiting to be discovered at the 8 dive spots around Mabul. Those who went to all these sites already also have a choice to combine dives at Mabul with a short hop to Kapalai, just a
    Kapalai, at the edge of the Ligitan Reef, has been little more than a sand bank, until the construction of Sipadan-Kapalai Resort. The resort activities have prevented fisherman from intruding and thus boosted the number of fish greatly. It‘s shallow reef on the protected north end, sloping from just beneath the surface to appr. 20m, is teeming with fish life in all colors, and the sharp eyes of our dedicated divemasters can help you to spot such incredible critters like clown frogfish, mandarin fish, nudibraches, flambuoyant cuttlefish, mantis shrimp to name but a few. At the southern end of
    Sibuan Island
    Sibuan Island, locally known as 'Battleship Island' for it‘s extinctive shape, is located app. 30 mins by speed boat from Semporna. Sibuan is one of the smallest islands in the whole bay but it is very popular for swimmers and snorkelers and certainly the most photographed island after Sipadan. Sibuan Island got a gentle falling, white sandy beach that is perfect for swimmers and non swimmers alike, someone can play in the shallows without being worried about stepping on any sharp coral. Further outside, at the drop off, there are beautiful coral formations to discover with plenty of fish hidi
    Mataking Island
    Mataking Island actually consists of two islands only separated at high tide by a long sand bank. The islands of Mataking are just north of Boheyan and became famous in 1998 when a Scandinavian film crew stayed on the islands for several month to produce a "Robinson" TV series. The islands have a magnificent white sandy beach with swaying coconut trees. Both islands are surrounded by a large, very long coral reef that slopes from knee deep to about 80m. Groupers and large trevallys, schools of barracudas and lots of spotted rays can be seen at the various dive sites around here. We also have d
    Mantabuan Island
    Mantabuan Island, located behind the ancient volcano of Bohedulang, can be reached within app. 40min from Semporna. It‘s best dive site, the Black Coral Forest, can be found at the end of a gentle slope at a depth 25m-30m. Here the precious coral can be found huge bushes, ranging from white to neon green to purple in colour. Turtles often can be found resting there, and whenever the current picks up eagle rays can be spotted overhead. The huge coral boulders at shallower depth are excellent places to look for lobsters, frogfish and a large variety of other coral fish. At nearby Mantabuan 2, an
    Boheyan Island
    Boheyan Island, one of the last islands before reaching the Philippine' border from Semporna and with 1h15min even further out than Sipadan offers some great visibility and marine life that can easily compare with Sipadan. Turtles are very common here, stingrays at certain points are plentiful. At our favorite dive site massive schools of red snapper, large grouper, giant travelley and very often eagle rays and manta rays can be seen. Different kinds of sharks wait at the deep end of the wall but often come up to shallower depth to look for prey. In the shallows there are plenty of rare fish l
    Si Amil Island
    Si-Amil is located south of Boheyan and more than an hour by speed boat from Semporna. It is the only island with a steep hill covered in rainforest that is home to a large group of moneys. Landing on the main beach the left over of a Japanese fish factory that was built as a cover for surveillance activities prior to WW2 can be seen. Right in front of the main beach there is the wreck of an old vessel that was used by the Japanese during the war with the boiler being the main point of interest. At the east side of the island, where the ocean floor drops into the several hundred meter deep Ali
    Ligitan Island
    Ligitan is the furthest island reachable from Semporna and depending on sea conditions it can take up to 2 hours to get to this tiny islet. Therefore very few divers ever venture there. Being at the southern most tip of the massive Ligitan Reef currents here are by far the strongest encountered anywhere in the area. While coral growth is only average the large number of rays, mostly blue spotted stingrays and the much larger black blotched stingrays, but also manta rays are very frequent visitors of the area. The shallows have other interesting creatures waiting to be discovered, most notably
    Church Reef
    Church Reef is located approximately 40min from Semporna and close to the island of Sibuan this reef, similar to Kumai Reef, just touches the surface during low tide. The north side as well as the east side of the reef offer excellent visibility and great photo opportunities when using a wide angle lens. Although fish life is somewhat limited the coral in the shallow area more than make up for it. The steep slopes reach down to 60m and eagle rays can sometimes be spotted gliding along in search of their prey. To divers with an exceptionally good eye Church reef have some other interesting crea