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Legend Diving Lembongan

Jalan Raya Juguntbatu, Bali, 80771, Bali, Indonesia
Legend Diving Lembongan is conveniently located in Nusa Lembongan just a few minutes away from the world-class dive sites and Marine Protected area of Nusa Penida. No need for long bumpy boat journeys from Bali or driving for hours until you get to the dive sites! Our multilingual, professional and passionate dive team is dedicated to give you the best diving and training experience, catering to all your needs always with a smile on their faces. Legend Diving Lembongan offer Padi courses from beginners to Professional Diving Internships. An amazing opportunities to those that just like us, live to pursue their dreams and wish to change their life to become Padi professionals. With top notch dive equipment, brand new facilities and an experienced multi lingual team, Legend Diving Lembongan is dedicated to offer you a fun and safe diving experience, making it the highlight of your holidays and a legendary life time memory.



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      Dive Site:

      Crystal Bay
      Crystal Bay is the most famous dive site in Nusa Penida and where you have the best chance to see a Mola Mola in Bali. Named after its crystal clear waters, the visibility is simply amazing. The dive site is around a small island placed in the middle of the bay. The dive begins and ends inside the bay where you will find a sandy bottom with a patch of beautiful coral reef. This part of the bay is around 5-8m deep and is protected from currents which make it perfect for beginners and snorkelling. As you move forward along the coral reef into the west part of the small island, there is a deep drop off that can have strong down currents, and is where the cleaning stations for the Mola Mola (Oceanic SunFish) can be found during the months of June to October. This dive site can be extremely overcrowded during the high season and there are many other dive sites around Nusa Penida where you can find the Mola Mola in more enjoyable way.
      Manta Point
      On the South Side of Nusa Penida you have breathtaking cliffs that lead to the Manta Point dive site. Due to the cleaning stations and high concentration of plankton, there is a very high chance you will bump in to several Manta Rays during your dive. There are 3 main cleaning stations in the dive site where you will have more chances to meet the Manta Rays. They will “dance” around these cleaning stations to have the parasites of their body removed by small reef fishes. The bottom mainly consists of soft coral together with sandy paths. The strong surge coming from the south in to the coast of Nusa Penida can sometimes make the access to this dive difficult, if not impossible. If the conditions do allow reaching the dive site, you can always expect some surge during your dive.
      Blue Corner
      Just in front of Nusa Lembongan, the Blue Corner dive site is the most adventurous and exciting dive site in the whole Nusa Penida region. Suitable only for the most experienced divers, the uncontrolled cold currents will give you an adrenaline rush as you descend the several coral wall slopes, making your way in to a sheltered area around 25m. You will then drift into the corner of the wall where an overhang starts and many big pelagic can be found, including the Mola Mola (Oceanic SunFish) from June to October. Either for the great big fishes or just for the adrenaline rush, this will always be a Legend of a Dive. The shallow part of the dive site is a gentle slop of coral reef that is protected from the strong currents. It’s perfect for the Open Water Divers or the ones that prefer more relaxed dives. You can often spot great macro life but be aware that sometimes the Mola Mola (Oceanic SunFish) can also make an appearance on this part of the reef
      Toyapakeh is one of the best dive sites around Nusa Penida, if not from whole Bali, and all time favourite of Legend Diving Lembongan. The visibility is amazing and the coral reef pristine due from the currents coming from the Ceningan Channel even though the dive is partially protected. The shallow part of the reef, between 6 to 15m, has a beautiful coral plateau full of both soft and hard corals where you can find a big diversity of marine life and schools of fish. As you head deeper, you find a steep drop-off until 30m where you might find bigger pelagic and even a Mola Mola passing by with the current. This dive site normally has a gentle drift where you can appreciate the marine life and still have time to look for smaller creatures
      SD/ PED/ Sental/ Buyuk Point
      These 4 dive sites are located along Nusa Penida North coast, which stretches for several kilometres, offering a superb drift dive. Starting on the shallows, the pristine reef is full of big barrel sponges, rocky pinnacles and schools of juvenile fishes of all colours and shapes. As the reef descends it becomes steeper turning in to a deep slope. As you drift along, you might have a good chance to see big pelagic in the blue including the Mola Mola (Oceanic SunFish) from June – October. All the dive sites are very similar but our favourites are SD (Sekola) located just in front of the school and PED that is in front of the temple Pura Ped. SD is great for snorkelers as the coral starts shallower than the other dive sites.
      The dive site is located in front of the Mangrove between Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan. The Mangrove plays a crucial part in the local ecosystem and provides plenty of nutrients to one of the healthiest coral reefs in whole Nusa Penida. A gentle descending slope, between 10-25 meters deep, is completely covered by all types of coral and is home for an amazing diversity of marine life. As you drift along the reef, an extraordinary underwater show will unfold with plenty of marine life action going on. Good luck keeping up with it all! Mangrove dive site is suitable for all levels of certification and its one of the best snorkeling spots in whole Nusa Penida region.
      Gamat Bay
      Gamat Bay is located between Crystal bay and ToyaPakeh opening directly to the Nusa Penida channel. The bottom of the bay is covered by white sand with several coral patches and bommies full of marine life and crystal clear waters, making it a perfect dive site for macro life, photographers and snorkelers. The bay normally provides shelter from the strong currents in the channel but as you move towards the outside of the bay, you will find a colourful descending slope at 15m. The thermo climes can be extreme, making the water temperature drop to less than 20º C within just a few meters of depth, however, if you are lucky, you might bump into a Mola Mola (Oceanic Sunfish) between June – October, or any other big pelagic. You don’t want to adventure yourself to much on the slope as the currents in the channel are unpredictable and can suddenly become very strong, turning in to a whirlpool
      Ceningan Wall
      Ceningan Wall dive site is located in the beginning of the channel made by Nusa Ceningan island and Nusa Penida. An astounding vertical wall covered with pristine coral descends all the way down to 180m. Strong whirlpool currents are present in most of the dives making it suitable only for the most adventurous, experienced and professional divers. The proximity to the mangrove brings nutrient-rich waters making the marine biodiversity incredible on this world-class dive site. As you drift along the wall you might have close encounters with big pelagic while admiring the fantastic colours of the coral reef.
      Malibu Point
      Malibu Point is located on the east side and on a good day is one of the best dive sites of Nusa Penida. It’s an enjoyable drift dive with strong currents along a steep slope with table corals and big bommies. The visibility is generally clear crystal and this dive site is full of surprises as all sorts of big pelagic like, Mola Mola (Oceanic SunFish) and Manta Rays. From all Nusa Penida, this dive site is where you have the best chance to see the biggest variety of sharks. Due to its far location we only run customized trips to this dive site. Please contact us to find out more.
      Lembongan Bay
      Lembongan Bay is the perfect site for night dives, photographers or to learn how to dive in Nusa Lembongan. The sandy bottom with several coral bommies is home for some of the best macro life in Nusa Penida area.

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