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Jalan Kubu, 80853, Bali, Indonesia
Created in July 2012 Bali spark Diving is the first SSI training facility when entering in Tulamben, Bali. with the 3 meters deep Swimming pool , it is an ideal place for all levels of training from Resort Dive to Open water Instructor. Managed by an SSI Instructor Trainer , Bali Spark Diving , conduct crossover and ITC all year round. Good location, Friendly Staff , reasonable price.



    • Camera Hire
    • Dive Leader Training
    • Diving seven days
    • Equipment Servicing
    • Instructor Training Centre
    • Nitrox fills
    • Own pool
    • Resort/Intro Dives
    • Scuba Diving Packages
    • Scuba Diving Safaris
    • Showers


    Airport transfer available, Diving Safari tours around Bali for groups. Internship training from zero to Pro.

    Dive Site:

    Usat Liberty Wreck
    The Usat Liberty Wreck is one of the most famous wrecks in the world and it is just 40 meters from the beach of Tulamben. The entry into the water is from the beach, this magnificent dive wreck lying between 6 and 28 meters deep in water at 30 ° C. This site is accessible to divers of all levels. You may encounter the giant barracuda to pygmy seahorses hiding in the colorful fans, groupers, batfish, angelfish, parrotfish bump, and occasionally a huge group of Jacks. The Usat Liberty Wreck at night, is among the favorites of our customers, you’ll see all the classics like the phosphorescent plankton, coral taking life, but the banks of bright fish in the belly of the wreck. Big grouper and red snapper hunting in the light of your torch. Parrots humpback aligned sleeping in the hold, many species of shrimp and crab, and for the lucky discovery of the Spanish Dancer, the world’s largest nudibranch (30 cm).
    The Drop Off
    The Drop Off Tulamben, one of the sites most popular dive down from 3 to 70 meters deep, was formed by the lava flow from Mt Agung in 1963. Now covered a multitude of corals, gorgonians and sponges on the steep underwater cliffs, you can meet black tip sharks, dogtooth tuna, wrasse fish and humpback Parrots. The coral here is very healthy and you can see many Nudibranchs, Comatulids, ghost pipe fish, leaf fish, Lionfish and a host of other reef fish. The wall is accessible to divers of all levels. For the lucky, meeting with pygmy seahorses.
    Dolphin Bay
    Dolphin Bay, located 1 minute drive from our center, this site offers one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the region. In a bay where there is also a temple and a source of fresh or come to purify the local water. Many varieties of corals home to the most colorful reef fish, whether in the almost vertical walls or on the shelf at 5 meters deep species. It is not uncommon to find schools of parrot humpback Lionfish, Batfish, pipe fish and fish strikeouts Leaves, Not to mention the many varieties of nudibranchs, mantis shrimps, fire goby and Golden eyes throughout the dive .
    Seraya Secret
    Seraya Secret is one of the most famous sites of macro diving Bali known for years, photographers gather to observe rare creatures. You have a good chance to see a few ghosts as nudibranchs fish, shrimp whip coral, tiger and the lucky famous harlequin shrimp.
    Batu Belah
    Batu Belah, 10 minutes drive from our base in a small village by the sea adorned with a temple dedicated to the Balinese Room, is one of the most interesting area of coral reef sites. The launch takes place in a small protected cove. If diving starts and ends on the sand, quickly coral is present and as we advance it becomes increasingly provided. The lava flows are now covered by the corals of all kinds such as lettuce coral, stag coral, Acropora coral and other brain or leather. Reef fish are obviously comfortable in their habitat. We can meet fish Batfish not shy, bans rifle, well hidden scorpionfish and many nudibranchs. It is seen fish antennal caches in sponges blue tubes. Easy for all levels of diving.
    Coral Garden
    Coral Garden Left and right, shallow site located in one of the richest and most bio diverse regions of Tulamben. Here you will see the fish leaves, Moray tape, Clown Fish, Nudibranchs, Triggerfish, rare Shrimp, Octopus. It is also the site where we see most often black tip sharks. This magnificent coral reef is also home to many varieties of colorful reef fish, accessible to divers of all levels, it is also ideal for photography and video underwater.