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Senggigi Square No 6, Lombok NTB, 83355, Lombok, Indonesia
Until recently, south west Lombok was known mostly to surfers, who enjoy the fantastic reef breaks around the southern coastline. 6 years ago we discovered it for spectacular diving opportunities, and for the moment South Lombok is still an insider tip amongst the diving community. Apart from the diving, as you will not find many tourists on the south coast beaches it’s also still one of the most beautiful places for enjoying a relaxed tropical vacation with breathtaking sunset views and relaxing walks on the beach.
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    Dive Site:

    Stairs to Medang, Sekotong
    Terracing down from 14m to about 35m you will experience a fascinating underwater landscape. Here you can experience the Indopacific at its best. We seen Mantas, different species of sharks, and plenty of lively reef fish in all colours and sizes.
    Gili Renggit East, Sekotong
    2 marvelous dive sites on the east side of Gili Renggit, and an excellent site to explore for macro life. Surrounded by shrimps, ghost pipefish and glassfish, you dive along a slope lined with soft coral and feather stars. Blue spotted rays, cuttlefish, moray eels and a lot more await you!
    Secret Garden, Sekotong
    A very impressive soft coral slope that steeps down to about 26m. The abundance of coral as well as the multitude of macro life is absolutely breathtaking! Surrounded by shrimps, ghost pipefish and glassfish, you dive along a slope lined with soft coral and feather stars, to end the dive at a shallow plateau wit huge barrel sponges and impressive hard coral formations. Here you should be on the lookout for blue spotted stingrays, cuttlefish, moray eels, turtles and a lot more!
    Lighthouse, Sekotong
    After reaching around 14 meters on the slowly descending plateau we find landslide similar terrain. As we dive along this breakage, we are accompanied by emperor fish, big groupers and surgeon fish. The dive leads into a deeply gorging valley lined by heavy, massive coral formations. Once in the valley we find white tip reef sharks, schooling mackerel, schooling sweet lips, and an abundance of lively fish.
    The Magnet, Belongas Bay
    A pinnacle in the open sea with challenging conditions and big fish action! Schools of mackerel, rainbow runner, tuna and barracuda accompany your dive, while you are on the lookout to spot the hammerheads. White tip- and black tip reef sharks are fairly common, but on occasion we also see the one or other pelagic sharks around the pinnacle. Experienced divers only!
    The Cathedral, Belongas Bay
    This pinnacle comes up from around 50m and sometimes offers less challenging conditions than “The Magnet”. Here many tunas, mackerels and barracudas can be found. Here we’ve watched schooling eagle rays playing in front of the cave entrance at around 40m. Experienced divers only!
    Gili Sarang, Belongas Bay
    Many pinnacles and impressive boulders rise up from a depth of around 35m and offer impressive, colorful soft corals. Here too, big fish action. Giant trevalies, mackerels, sweet lips, surgeon fish, white tips, black tips, and, grey reef sharks. Mid September is the season for schooling mobula- and eagle rays. BIG FUN!!!
    Coral Garden, Belongas Bay
    A chain of small, soft coral covered, pinnacles beginning in a depth of around 12m, and reaching down to about 25m. Apart from the many reef fish, here we found Cownose rays, huge moray eels, as well as the one or other eagle ray on his way to Gli Sarang.
    Boulder City, Belongas Bay
    Starting at a vertical wall you descend to about 30 meters. There are a lot of big rocks forming hundreds of swim-troughs. Sharks, napoleons and many, many sweet lips and angelfishes have been seen here.
    Blue Hole, Belongas Bay
    A cave that has its entry point at about 17m, and once inside, opens up into a huge dome shaped cavern. Depending on the season and the swells, one can find, jacks, sweet lips, and surgeon fish taking a break in this more protected area.