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Maldives are known as one of the world's greatest dive destinations and almost the whole country can be dived. The Maldives are a group of low lying islands (1,190 in total!), the highest point is only 2.4m above sea level.

Diving can be done from a resort or by liveaboard. There are thousands of dive sites and some of the best diving is found inside and outside the atolls' lagoons and in the channels in between, making liveaboards a popular option. 

Ari Atoll is a must for all divers as it's considered the most reliable site to encounter passing big fish such as whale sharks, hammerheads, reef sharks, rays and large Napolean Wrasse.

The locals here are very friendly and very knowledgeable about the marine life and have developed an extensive vocabularly to describe the different coral formations. The islands are beautiful and the beaches pristine making this a wonderful destination in and out of the water!

The diving is all year round, with live-aboards doing different routes depending on the winds. Normally one side of the Maldives has better visibility than the other, but the murkier plankton rich waters are where you will see the whale sharks and manta rays, especially from April - June as these are the hottest months of the year when the plankton is blooming.


Maldives waters are home to wide variety of ecosystems, but are most noted for their variety of colorful coral reefs, home to 300 species of fish. The whale shark is one of many animals that inhabit the reefs that make up the whole country.