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Sipadans swirling shoals of pelagics and their prowling shark escorts are certainly astonishing, a must-see for any diver, but we are encouraging our friend to sample even more of Malaysias dive delights. Its a big place with an immense coastline and countless islands. Dive sites such as Layang-Layang and Perhentian are also not to be missed, especially when your trip can be combined with visits to untouched tropical rain forest and a glimpse of the elusive "man of the forest" - the orang utan.

Scuba Diving in Malaysia is made up of three main regions covering over a thousand individual islands. There are 38 designated marine parks in the country as well as 19 on land. The regions are Sabah and Sarawak on Borneo in the east and Peninsular Malaysia in the west. The best scuba diving in Malaysia is around the following Dive Sites

- Borneo where hundreds of turtles make the reefs and drop off their home.

- The Redang archipelago has good visibility and the healthiest reefs of the region.

- Tioman you may experience some very spectacular and memorable dives such as at Chebeh, Labas, 7 sky or on the wreck of the HMS Repulse.

Best Time: 
West coast Peninsular Malaysia
December - May

East coast Peninsular Malaysia
March - October
The islands of East Malaysia are reasonably well protected and are diveable all year round. However, water visibility is better during the months of April to August