asia dive directory


Without doubt one of the greatest Scuba Diving destinations of the world is Indonesia. With some 16,000+ islands spanning 5000 kilometres and three oceans, it offers the greatest diversity of marine life to be found anywhere. New species are recorded every year in places whose names alone can thrill the knowledgeable diver. Raja Ampat, Komodo, Bali, Flores, Sulawesi - the list is as long as it is exciting. 


Many offer unique opportunities to see sights as rare as the giant sunfish or Komodo dragon. The range of Asia Dive vacations  available is as varied as the dive sites, from 5 star luxury liveaboards and private beaches to astonishingly economical dive safaris. Locations range from tiny fishing villages to the sophistication of world-famous heritage sites choice is endless.


The underwater world around Indonesia is a diver’s paradise. Nearly a quarter of the world’s reefs are found in here and there are over 3,500 species living on them. The clarity of the water combined with the rich marine life makes this a photographer’s heaven, especially for those who enjoy taking macro shots. Unfortunately some areas have suffered from dynamite fishing and pollution, but making up for this are the large number of sites that remain pristine.


Common destinations to visit for scuba diving are, amongst others, Bali, Lombok and Sulawesi. Sulawesi on the northern side of Indonesia is home to some beautiful coral reefs. Also in the north, the Lembeh Strait is a good destination for macro photographers and Bunaken Island has some wonderful steep walls and caves. Bali is a must if you want to combine a scuba diving vacations with exploring inland as well.


Bali has great drift dives with some big marine encounters in the south and classic reef dives in the north that are easily accessible and very good and there are a few wreck dives on offer. As well as being a diving destination, Bali has a good choice of accommodation on offer from budget to luxurious and is very well set up for Diving Vacations. It is the  gateway to other regions of Indonesia and a good starting point for many liveaboards. Indonesia provides the diver with ample choice to find a Scuba Diving Vacation which can be tailor-made for the diver: from Scuba Diving liveaboards, Daily Dive trips including  2 - 3 boat dive, with many Dive Centres offering both PADI and SSI Dive Courses you can continue your Diver Education